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Florida vacation rentals - homes, beach condos, and other comfortable vacation rentals

Great Florida vacation rentals from Orlando to the Florida Keys

Florida vacation rentals by OnlineVacationRentals.com  
Florida vacation rentals provide great options for families, groups, couples, singles and more to see sunny Florida while enjoying the comforts of home.

When a visitor thinks of Florida, Orlando and Disney often come to mind. Orlando is one of the most travelled destinations in the United States. It provides a great family vacation destination. Often, families find a vacation home can provide a better experience for a family. The larger space, kitchens, and other facilities often allow families to feel more comfortable while traveling.

Brochure images of tanning flesh and Mickey Mouse give an inaccurate and incomplete picture of FLORIDA . Although the aptly nicknamed "Sunshine State" is indeed devoted to the tourist trade, it's also among the least-understood parts of the US. Away from its overexposed resorts lie forests and rivers, deserted strands filled with wildlife, vibrant cities and primeval swamps. Not that you would want to book a swamp-land holiday cabin or shack-but if you did, our online vacation rentals site would be a place to start!

Florida is a popular destination for holiday makers the world over, and we think it's even better when you rent vacation property instead of booking normal accommodations. Take Florida's luxury beach condos, for example. Combine the views from oceanfront condos with the personality you get from owner rentals, and you have holiday accommodations that offer the best of both worlds: personal and popular at the same time.

Florida is an area rich in vacation rentals by owner. At any given time of year our Florida vacation properties listings might include:

  • Florida beach condos
  • Florida condo rentals
  • Florida holiday apartments
  • Luxury Florida rental properties
  • Florida luxury rental property
  • Florida oceanfront condos
  • Florida retirement rental properties
  • Florida vacation rental homes
  • Florida vacation rentals
  • And many more vacation rentals in Florida!